LBGC Response to AVMA Crop/Dock Policy     

The Liberty Brussels Griffon Club do all in our power to protect and advance the
interests of Brussels Griffon, to educate the public with regard to breeding, proper
care, and maintenance of Brussels Griffon, and to support and encourage research
activities designed to improve the health and welfare of Brussels Griffon.

We recently became aware of a change in the American Veterinary Medical
Association's (AVMA) policy concerning ear cropping and tail docking. We believe
AVMA's categorizing these procedures as “cosmetic” is an extreme
mischaracterization. Our Brussels Griffons originally were developed for controlling
vermin to keep food and property safe. Their ears were cropped, tail docked, coats
groomed to prevent injury for which there were no antibiotics available (Sulfa drugs
were a 'miracle' in the 1930s, and Penicillin a 'lifesaver' in WWII). These procedures
were historically done to help our breed perform its function safely and efficiently. We
should strive to preserve the history and heritage of this breed and others. The
essence of a breed should not be forgotten so easily. We feel that calling for the
elimination of cropping and docking from all breed standards shows a real lack of
appreciation for the history and functions of these breeds by the AVMA, as well as
being inappropriate.

These procedures, when performed by a veterinarian, are very safe and virtually pain
free. We firmly believe that we, jointly with our veterinarians, should have the right to
decide in the proper care and treatment of our pets, as we do with all of our family