Guidelines for Responsible Practices

Responsible Breeding Practices
  1. Each breeder will agree to have a lifelong obligation (regarding the well-
    being) to every puppy produced through their breeding efforts by offering to
    take back or help to re-home any Griffons of their breeding.
  2. When planning their breeding program each breeder will only consider
    using mature, healthy darns and sires that possess breed type as set forth in
    the standard; and are temperamentally and physically sound with no known
    or suspected serious inheritable defects or diseases as determined by
    appropriate screening protocols.
  3. No breeder will breed a bitch before her second season.
  4. Each member will raise puppies in a healthy environment with socialization
    and training pertinent to the puppies' developmental stages as well as
    provide appropriate inoculations and all other appropriate veterinary care.
  5. No member will offer stud service to USDA license holders, brokers, agents
    who resell dogs, pet shops or bitches who have not been properly screened
    for health disorders.

Responsible Placement Practices
  1. Each prospective buyer will be carefully screened with the intent of placing
    the puppy in a permanent home never selling to USDA license holders,
    brokers, pet shops or agents who resell dogs. The breeder will be prepared
    to keep every puppy for as long as it takes to find the right home.
  2. No breeder will agree to transfer or release a puppy before the age of 12
  3. Each breeder will supply each purchaser with an (1) AKC registration
    application certificate, (2) complete medical records which show the
    Griffon's health status as determined by a veterinary exam, (3) diet
    information and (4) care and maintenance information. The breeder/seller
    will be available to assist in any way to promote the successful transfer and
    on going adjustment of the puppy (or older dog) in the new home.
  4. Each breeder will insure that Griffons sold as pets are not used in breeding
    by registering them using the AKC limited registration. If an intact pet is
    sold, the breeder will use a written agreement requiring the new owner to
    spay or neuter their pet at an appropriate age as recommended be the new
    owner's veterinarian.

Responsible Ownership Practices
  1. Each member will provide proper care for their own animal(s) including,
    but not limited to proper living conditions, proper grooming, nutrition,
    veterinary health care, socialization, training, and exercise.
  2. Responsible Behavior Promoting the Sport of Purebred Dogs
  3. Each member will at all times, while at dog shows, in the show ring, or
    traveling and staying at hotels or motels conduct themselves in such a
    manner as to reflect positively on the sport, particularly as it relates to the
    Brussels Griffons.
  4. Each member who is an experienced owner, breeder and/or exhibitor
    should willingly mentor novice owners, exhibitors and/or breeders offering
    advice, constructive criticism or assistance with problems when requested to
    do so.

* These guidelines have been adopted from the guidelines used by the American  
Brussels Griffon Association(ABGA).